From Nobel Laureates to Swedish royals, Northern Lights to Midnight Sun, glacial fjords to medieval towns, Sweden appeals like a Smörgåsbord would – with a little something for everyone, including the ardent hikers and recycling passionates. The haven that this land has become for architecture enthusiasts is, however, entirely by (Swedish) design. Boasting sculptured ice for rooms, the Icehotel is erected by passionate artists each winter and then left to melt and find its way back to the ground in spring, capturing the harmonious interplay between design and the cycle of nature. The Treehotel, too, is an architectural feat that capitalises on the beauty of the au naturale, providing guests with a unique opportunity to be one with their bucolic surrounds, and perhaps even run into an Älg (or moose), the free-roaming king of the forest. When the birch forests and alpine plateaus prove to be too much, Stockholm is the place to be. Home to billion-dollar tech companies and international brand names, it is where the Swedes are evidenced to be most far evolved from their Norse ancestors. And yet, beneath all the glitz and glamour, the gabled buildings and cobblestone streets of Stockholm implore you to unveil an impeccably preserved historic core.

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