In-person only / 90 – 120 minutes / pricing upon request

Immerse your being into an energy cleansing ceremony. Hailing from the Andean culture, shamanic healing is rooted in centuries of spiritual practice. Far from a religious exercise however, this session is structured to facilitate communication with the incorporeal beings that we hold dear to our hearts so as to soothe the maladies that hamper our physical, mental and emotional well-being. In order to extract negative energies and replace them with positive vibrations, the body is to be connected to the spirit through guided breathing. We engage in intuitive movement that is exercised to the beat of the shamanic drum and the aria of the Latin American flute to direct and shift energies through the body.


– Breathing techniques
– Movement exercises
– Spiritual connection
– Shamanic healing
– Integration
– Healing sounds
– Rebalancing energies
– Guided introspection

Sessions are typically 1.5 – 2 hours long. Sessions are private and can take place at your desired time and space.


Who this is for 

– For people who wish to cleanse their aura

– For those seeking to reset anxious minds and moods

– For the disillusioned who are in pursuance of purpose and clarity


What to bring or prepare 

– Don loose comfortable clothing for ease of movement

– Prepare your own yoga mat. A soft flooring or comfortable place to lie down is needed

– An open mind