Israel – at the confluence of histories, cultures and faiths, encompassing the “navel of the earth” – draws pilgrims and revellers alike with its youthful spirit and singular, sacred allure.


Captivating, sun-drenched cradle of ancient faiths

Israel’s offerings amount to a dizzying array, luring seekers of all kinds. Ancient wonders abound – Israelite, Roman and Byzantine, among many others – as do outdoor adventures: in the forests of the north, along the balmy Mediterranean coastline, and in the barren, moon-like Negev. Swim with dolphins in the Red Sea, feel weightless in the Dead Sea, or relax with a cocktail on a Tel Aviv beach.

Just as Israel’s richness of wonders is belied by its size, so too is its dazzling diversity by its self-designation as, simply, a “Jewish state.” The gathering of the Diaspora only boosted an already intricate blend of cultures when Jews landed here from as far afield as Finland, Morocco, Brazil and the Ethiopian Highlands.

The twists and turns of the religious landscape are reflected in the country’s fiercely contested politics, with Israelis collectively spanning great spectrums of hopes, ambitions, and faith.

Believer or not, each visitor will doubtless be moved by the passions and convictions that emanate from here, with outpourings of fervent emotion and dissonant yearnings for this coveted land: from the cliffs of Masada to the heartfelt prayers at the Western (“Wailing”) Wall, and from Al-Aqsa Mosque to the footworn pathway of pilgrims along Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa.

A country of delightful contradictions, Japan has one foot in the future and one rooted in the past. Shimmering cities burn bright with neon lights while the countryside hides samurai sword makers, ornate temples and pilgrim paths. Japan is also an assault on our senses, thanks to sumptuous sushi, the shrill soundtrack of pachinko parlours, the steamy welcome of soft-water onsens, the bitter taste of matcha… and the list goes on.

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The capital of Tokyo is an electric experience — a city as sprawling, strange and playful as the mind can conjure. From the cat cafes to the wild energy of the Tsukiji Fish Market; the crooning karaoke bars of Shinjuku, and the glut of glorious architecture, every street has a tale to tell. There’s also the beautiful art-filled islands, like Naoshima, which has long been a place of intrigue and wonder to the cognoscenti who prefer to divert off the popular path. Come ski season, the northern areas like Hokkaido offer visitors some of the best terrain for skiing and spectacular winter wonderlands.

Out in the countryside is a whole other world. A Zen haiku of ancient craft, honourable traditions and serene scenes straight out of a watercolour painting. So whether you want to hike ancient trails, head into the hills, or indulge in arts and craft, Japan is an encyclopaedia of immersive, unforgettable experiences.

An Israel Journey

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Immersive Israel Experiences

Israel Travel Tips & Insights

The fertile hills of Galilee dominate the North. In Central Israel, the lush Sharon Plain stretches along the coast, with a range of inland hills running parallel to the coast. In the South, one can find the Negev Desert.

Israel’s currency is Shekel (NIS). Each Skekel comprises of 100 agorot. You may exchange currency at the airport, banks, post offices, tourist hotels and licensed exchange agencies in large Israeli cities.

Israel’s main airport is the Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport. Visitors can catch a direct flight from Bangkok or Dubai.

For Singapore passport holders, tourist visas are not required for stays up to 3 months in Israel. For all other passports, please check here:

  • If you brought items with you that are not tax-exempt, you will be charged the applicable tax payment before clearing the items from customs;
  • If you have brought with you one of the following items: a new personal computer, a UAV (drone), electric bicycle or similar items, you will be required to deposit a guarantee in the amount of taxes applicable to them – in cash or by credit card.

Refer to the details on what does not require declaration here.

January – March

You will be able to enjoy cool weather and occasional snowfall.

It is an opportune period to visit Israel as there will be festivals during this period on the Jewish Calendar


April – May

The days will be pleasantly warm and cooler evenings so you would have to pack a light jacket


June –  Aug

This few months are summer in Israel where you will experience a lot of sunshine.


Sep – Oct

It is not as hot as during the peak of summer.


Nov – Dec

Visiting Israel during winter months, you can expect snow and rain.

Aside from keeping updated with the latest COVID19 vaccination requirements, there are no vaccinations required to travel to Israe

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