Cultivating Mindfulness

Cultivating Mindfulness (V)

starting at S$350 / 2 persons / 90 minutes / additional transportation charges may apply

Through the use of mindfulness, sessions are delicately curated to help couples ameliorate their mental well-being and regain balance. By cultivating positive mental habits, mindfulness allows for couples to achieve moments of pure consciousness while learning how to counter negativity biases, entailing benefits of stress reduction, improved memory and less emotional reactivity. Embodying the innate practices of mindfulness, couples will be able to symbiotically annihilate uninvited feelings of fear, doubts and frustrations in life that will help satisfy relationships.


– Introduction to mindfulness
– Mindfulness vs meditation
– Benefits of mindfulness for mental wellness and in a relationship
– The science behind mindfulness
– Three techniques to experience mindfulness
– Couple sharing, discussion, application
– Next Steps

Sessions are typically 1.5 – 2 hours long. Sessions are private and can take place at your desired time and space.

Who this is for 

– Couples

– Those who are curious about exploring practices of mindfulness and meditation

– Those who are seeking natural or healthy ways to distress together


What to bring or prepare 

– Please wear loose comfortable clothing

– An open mind