Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance, facilitated by Jiezhen Wu


Date: 1 – 21 July 2020

Platform: Private Telegram Group Chat

Session details

Most of us were socially conditioned or brought up to lead our lives on the basis of a scarcity paradigm: a view of the world as having limited and dwindling resources that drives the constant modern feeling of never having enough. This mentality of scarcity tends to shape our reality – a reality where one takes on life in a hurried fashion, in continuous competition with others, so as to take hold of the perceived limited opportunities available.


Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance practice encourages us to cast aside the old scarcity mindset to make way for the flow of abundance into our lives. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit – and through this profound and deeply reflective practice, you will begin to develop your own self-care manual which incorporates the practices of journaling, gratitude and mindfulness. This is an exercise that is universal and accessible to all and does not require a belief in any non-secular philosophies. 


Participants in this free-of-charge activity will receive a daily message from Jiezhen outlining a reflective task, including a recording by Deepak Chopra to help guide you through the course. You can expect to set aside approximately 15-20 minutes per day for the practice – Jiezhen answers some of your key questions here. There will also be an optional abundance gathering held at the mid-point of the exercise, which will give participants the chance to discuss their experience and raise questions.


If you have any other questions on the practice, feel free to drop us a note at [email protected].  


Note: Full credit for this project belongs to the inimitable Deepak Chopra – we are merely acting as facilitators, in providing a safe space for our community to participate in this meaningful practice.

Who this is for 

– Anyone interested in transformative wellness practices 

– Anyone feeling tired of living in a state of lack and looking to shift from a fixed to growth mindset 

– Anyone keen on developing a personal holistic self-care plan  


What to bring or prepare 

Pen and paper/notebook, a quiet space where you can tune inward.


About Jiezhen Wu

Jiezhen is an Equity & Inclusion Fellow and part of the Mindful Leaders Collective at Harvard – where she just completed her Masters in Education with a focus on leadership and inclusion in organizations. Before Harvard, she worked in social innovation and social impact for several years – leading a social enterprise and media platform in Asia and facilitating global summits and spaces for wellbeing for changemakers and collaborators. She also holds a degree in Positive Psychology, is a certified Yoga teacher (RYT200) and Positive Psychology coach.

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