Yoga – Restorative & Yin

Yoga for the Nervous System

Starts from S$215 for 1 person /Group sizes are available / 75 minutes

Combine dynamic breath and movement (yang and masculine) with complementary nourishing, long-held poses (yin and feminine) to impact the juicy glandular secretions that are the very foundation of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being. There is intentional surging, pressurizing and direction of energy alongside tension and compression to create intentional release. In conscious engagement and surrendering, we learn to listen to the signals of our sensory system and wisdom of the body. 


Yin Yoga

Starts from S$215 for 1 person / Group sizes are available / 75 minutes

Yin Yoga is a slower practice based on the yin yang philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine. Complementing its faster-paced Yang counterpart, Yin Yoga is a slow practice where postures are held between two to five minutes to allow time for release of the deeper connective tissues, fascia and joints. The practice often begins at the roots with a heavy focus on the lower body to increase blood and energy – whether prana or qi – circulation within the body. 


Yin Yoga and Meditation

S$265 for 2 – 5 people, 60 minutes / S$335 for 2 – 5 people, 90 minutes

The practice of Yin Yoga allows us to open into our deeper, denser tissues. Unlike our muscles that respond well to fast, rhythmic movements, our connective tissues require us to hold our poses for a longer period of time. Yin allows us to strengthen these tissues by gently pulling and pressurizing the joints in a safe and gentle way. This is also a fantastic practice to slow down, focus on the breath, and enhance our meditation practice during the pose.



S$195 for 1 person or S$235 for a group of up to 3 people / 60 minutes

A beginner-friendly static yoga class in which you connect your breath, and poses to increase awareness, flexibility and strength. Each pose will be held for a few breaths to enhance focus, stability and endurance. Get grounded, calm and energized. 



S$195 for 1 person or S$235 for a group of up to 3 people / 60 minutes

An energizing yoga flow practice where each yoga movement is synchronized with the breath. Build strength, stamina, circulation and immunity while gaining flexibility, focus and calm. Get the energy flowing to move you confidently through life’s different seasons.


Who this is for 

– Anyone


What to bring or prepare 

– Yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water