Known as the gateway to East Bhutan, Trongsa is one of Bhutan’s most historical towns where the first monastery was built in 1543. Ironically, its name means “new village” in Dzongkha.

Sitting atop a steep ridge, the town offers visitors spectacular views of the surrounding valleys.

Key Activities: Cultural Sights

Key Highlights

  • Trongsa Dzong
    With a rich history dating back to the 16th century, the Trongsa Dzong is an extensive complex set on varying ground levels, and connected by a succession of alley-like corridors, wide stone stairs and idyllic courtyards. Dipping dramatically into cloud and mist to the south, it is arguably one of the most spectacularly sited dzongs in Bhutan.
  • Ta Dzong (Trongsa Tower)
    Located above the Trongsa Dzong, Ta Dzong — or “watchtower” — was built in 1652 to overlook the former. In 2008, it was converted into a museum and now showcases rare and priceless artefacts. An ideal stop for art lovers, the building houses 11 galleries, including one dedicated to the Wangchuck dynasty royal family history.

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