The southern part of Mongolia is where the country’s scenery is at its most contrasting. From shimmering sand dunes to flaming vermilion cliffs, vast grasslands to conservation areas, their astonishing beauty is yours to behold.

This is also the perfect base for the Gobi Desert, one of the country’s top-draw regions. Simply hop into a 4×4 and venture into the expansive arid region where temperatures are extreme and desert foliage glistens in greens and gold. You can conquer spectacular sand dunes, experience the vast plains perched on a camel’s back and seek out dinosaur fossils hidden amidst stunning sandstone cliffs.

Key Activities: Sand Dunes, Camel-Riding, Camping, Family Stays, Paleontological Sites, Wildlife, Gorges

Key Highlights

  • Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs)
    Translated to "rich in saxual shrubs" - which is a great food source for camels - the surrounding landscape is also known as the 'Flaming Cliffs' for the red and orange colours of the sandstone cliffs. The name was given by paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who visited the area in 1922. Famous for yielding the first discovery of dinosaur eggs in 1923, the site is also where specimens of the Velociraptor have been found.
  • Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park
    Covering 27,000ha, this park is Mongolia's largest protected area. Made up of mountain vistas, ridges and valleys, its main draw is the vast Khongoryn Els sand dunes with its rocky formations and saltwater rivers. Despite the sparse vegetation, it's home to some 52 species of mammals, 200 species of birds and over 600 species of plants.
  • Khongoryn Els
    A popular camel-trekking spot, the scale of these spectacular sand dunes spans a distance of 100km, and reach 300m in height and 12km in width. But as gorgeous as the views are, walking up to the summit is strenuous as each step forward is preceded by a backslide. Be prepared to get occasionally sandblasted as winds move through the lip off the dunes.
  • Yolyn Am Gorge
    Also known as "Valley of the Eagles" or "Valley of the Vultures", the gorge is an excellent bird-watching and conservation site, with sightings of majestic vultures and golden eagles to look out for. In the summer, hike past beautiful flowers and impressive rock formations; and when winter comes, it's a great opportunity to see parts of the gorge transformed into a deep ice field.

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