Sound Healing Meditation

Ancient Singing Bowl meditation (V)

S$165/ 1 person (up to 4 pax) / 60 minutes 

Experience the gentle healing vibrations of singing bowls played by quality trained singing bowl practitioner, allowing space within to open for deep inner healing, rest and calm. This will be paired with aromatherapy and guided meditation. The sound vibrations from the ancient singing bowls emanates towards you to help you achieve and support your intention in this meditation. You will leave this experience more grounded and balanced in clarity. 

This session is available virtually through zoom for up to 15 pax at S$42 per pax.


1 – 1 Singing Bowl Therapy 

S$290 / 1 person / 60 minutes 

Sound Therapy through the singing bowls can help to release energetic and emotional blockages, energise and heal the body, calm the mind and spirit to a state of inner peace. 

Ancient singing bowls will be used around or on the body by a quality trained practitioner to allow healing of various body pains and aches, relieve stress, and help with harmonizing and boosting the immune system. 

It aids in brain entrainment, where one can feel relaxed, gain clarity and achieve a state of harmony. It can help ground and balance your auric field. 

The deep healing vibrations of the singing bowl resonates and works towards a cellular level to aid in the body’s natural healing process. Relax and allow the soothing deep vibrational sounds to leave you calm yet rejuvenated. 


Who this is for 

– For stressed out individuals seeking some calmness

– For people seeking moments of stillness and peace

– For people seeking a form of relaxation to their busy and anxious minds and moods

– For people seeking some clarity and grounding


What to bring or prepare 

– Yoga mats and cushions

– Please wear comfortable clothing for lying down

– Bring a cardigan if it helps you feel more comfortable

– Water and tea provided