Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy

S$445 per session  / 120 minutes 

An emotionally and spiritually charged session for couples to renew their perspectives on love and intimacy, raising deep awareness of a nourishing relationship through breath work, dynamic energy activation and sensorial practices. 

It is a mind-body-spirit practice for couples to discover energy and re-unite within a safe environment. Sheltered from social expectations, learn to elevate awareness of each other and understand different perspectives of what it means to have a nourishing relationship. It will help to break the barriers in your mind and unleash a more passionate and driven approach in your life.


– Breath work

– Opening rituals

– Sensual body touch

– Dynamic energy activation

– Sensorial exploration

– Dialogue practices

– Love notes


Who this is for 

– Couples

– Those who would like to explore fresh perspectives of intimacy


What to bring or prepare 

Bring your partner and prepare to be amazed.