Yin Yoga and Meditation with Stephanie Bovis


Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2022

Time: 8PM (SGT) / 90 minutes

Venue: Changi Experience Studio at Jewel Changi Airport

Price: 85 SGD per person

Session details

This floor-based Hatha practice of Yin Yoga allows us to open into our deeper, denser tissues. Unlike our muscles that respond well to fast, rhythmic movements, our connective tissues require us to hold our poses for a longer period of time. Accompanied by the element of time, in our Yin practice, we are encouraged to switch off that striving, go-getter “doing” mindset — instead, we will tap into the yielding, “being” aspects that reside in us. 

In remaining with each pose for a 2–5 minute duration, we will open into the body slowly, and watch what unfolds moment to moment. The slow-paced nature of this class allows for a perfect gateway to breathwork and mindfulness meditation practices, all the while giving our body the stretch and recovery it deserves.

Price includes: Private after-hours access to Changi Experience Studio, a wellness session conducted by a an expert practitioner, and a Blue Sky Escapes care kit.


Who this is for

– Anyone looking for a breather, to destress, recharge, and reinvigorate

– Anyone looking to bring balance and harmony to their physical, mental, and emotional systems

– Anyone looking to enhance their wellness practice


What to bring or prepare

– Wear a mask that is easy to breathe in

– Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, and bring a warm jacket/ cardigan if you get cold easily

– Water (beverages will also be provided on the day)


About Stephanie Bovis

Stephanie got her first 200-hour teacher training in 2015 in Bali, which was geared more towards a holistic training focusing using the elemental theory in TCM and Ayurveda to understand yoga therapy.  

Through this training she was introduced to the practice of Yin yoga, and identified deeply with it because it was what complemented herself best. She sharpened her focus accordingly, and enrolled in multiple trainings over the years with renowned teachers who contributed directly to the creation of yin yoga. 

Since her first training, she has taught both public and private sessions, and is now sharing often with corporate companies to contribute to their employee wellness. You can expect a nourishing, nurturing journey during her classes, and at the end of the day, she hopes that the experience allows my student to take that brief “pause” in their day, even if only for a short moment. 

She serves as a Yoga Consultant for one of the world’s most exclusive luxury travel destinations and every now and then, appears in articles to share insight for fitness media outlets around the world.