As the land that gave the world Genghis Khan, Eastern Mongolia has much to offer to keep the infamous ruler’s spirit fresh and foremost in the minds of those who travel here. From a monument dedicated to him, to Khentii – his birthplace, which is now a quiet province and historic locale – this is his territory.

Best explored by horseback like the nomadic empires of history, everywhere in this region is grassy, from the flatland to the upland. Harsh weather conditions also make the area hostile to human habitation – even the nomads’ gers are few and far between. But if you make it here, there are a few spots worth galloping through, including a nature reserve and national park.

Key Activities: Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Horse-Trekking, Kayaking, Fishing, Family Stays, Paragliding

Key Highlights

  • Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue
    Though he is remembered for the Mongol invasions that left death and destruction in his wake, the people of Mongolia remember Genghis Khan as a national hero. To that end, they have honoured him by erecting a 40m-tall stainless steel statue of the fearsome warrior on horseback at Tsonjin Boldog. Visitors can take an elevator or walk to the head of the horse where you'll get a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.
  • Gun Galuut Nature Reserve
    Enjoy the true colours of the wild in this reserve and observe animals like the Argali, fox and lynx roaming freely on the steppe. Along the way, look out for birds like the golden eagle and saker falcon in the skies. Comprising a charming combination of rocky mountains, rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, the photogenic area spreads across roughly 20,000ha.
  • Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
    Once a pit stop on The Amazing Race, the 2,932ha park comprises of a huge mountainous area dotted with picturesque rocky formations, including the famous Turtle Rock. Here, you can admire wild flowers and edelweisses blooming aplenty across the grassy plains. Besides hiking, rock climbing or horse riding, you can also swim in the Khagiin Khar glacial lake. Other rivers nearby are ideal for kayaking, rafting and fishing. Elks and bears can also be found in this area, along with 250 species of birds.
  • Khentii
    The birthplace of Genghis Khan, the province of Khentii offers more than 50 historical sites which reveal the fascinating history of the emperor's controversial reign. An area of considerable natural beauty, one of the main attractions here is the 1.2 million-ha Khan Khentii Protected Area, where the endangered musk deer and moose can be spotted. The fertile land is also abundant with wild berries and medicinal herbs.

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