Circuit Connekt


Date: Sat, 2 May 2020

Time: 9PM (SGT); 3 hours

Platform: Zoom (for video) & Twitch (for sound).

You will need to access both platforms for both video and music.


Session details 

What does it mean to feel connected during a crisis? We asked ourselves this question repeatedly, and found our answer in the cloud.

Even as the pandemic looms over, we’re journeying into the ether to connect over self-expression in a virtual dance movement to shake off the lock-down blues. Circuit Connekt–now into its second edition and happening fortnightly– is a three-hour dance movement co-created by you and DJ Kay H, decked out with house, tribal and desert beats delivered straight to your screen this Saturday night.


Circuit Connekt essentials

Ready your sound: The set will be played on Twitch from 9PM – 12AM SGT. For an immersive experience, we recommend hooking your sound up to a wireless speaker or headphones. Ensure they are fully charged.

Ready your video: Once you’re on Twitch, join the movement on Zoom and be part of the communal experience. If you have trouble accessing the button above, search our Meeting ID: 820 5117 6552 on Zoom.

We’re a community: We want to come together as we stay apart. Please keep your video switched on so that we connect better in the cloud. We recommend good lighting!

How to interact: For an uninterrupted experience, we ask for your audio to be muted if you’re not speaking. This way, we can all fully immerse in the music. Feel free to use the chatroom to reach out.


About DJ Kay H

While growing up on an eclectic diet of music from classical to house to hip-hop, Kay H discovered the joys of crate digging for songs to discover new sounds. With influences from his classical training in violin and piano, Kay H melds deep, tribal and melodic house with techno into a sound that is infused with percussive beats, ethereal soundscapes and synths. He believes that DJing is about telling a story through aural experiences of exploration and discovery which drives him to create immersive sets that pulls you in on a journey.

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