Breathe, Rest, Reset

Sound and Breath Meditation With Ancient Singing Bowls

Starts from S$60 / 1 person (up to 4 people) / 60 minutes

How often do you connect with your breath each day? Are you aware of your breath patterns when you are stressed or happy? 

Breath is the foundation of living and fundamental for an effective yoga practice. The Session focuses on Nada (Sound) Yoga, pranayama (Breath) techniques, and vocalising of the breath paired with aromatherapy. 

Experience calm and learn to manage stress effectively, as you build awareness and appreciation of the space between each breath. Tingsha bells and Ancient Singing Bowls will be played to help further integrate sound vibrations into, and with, each breath.


– Stress management 

– Decreases anxiety, depression 

– Increased self-awareness 

– Relaxation 

– Ease of breathing 

– Increases oxygen into the system 

– Grounded and Centred   


Active Meditation 

Starts from S$245 / 1-4 people / 75 minutes

There are multiple active meditation techniques to choose from – depending on what you are seeking, our instructor will pick the active meditation that suits your needs.

– Kundalini (shaking and dance)

– Chakra Sounds (vibration and visualisation)

– Nadabrahma (vibration and gentle movement)

– Mahamudra (devotion and slow dance)


Who this is for 

– Anyone


What to bring or prepare 

– Yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water