Blue Sky Futures

Savour the anticipation of travel with the Blue Sky Futures travel vouchers

“The pleasure isn’t in doing the thing, the pleasure is in planning it.” – John Green


Anticipation of the future is a powerful tonic for the heart and spirit.

Right now, we’re all anticipating our next journey – even if we can’t be sure when that will be possible. But as the travel situation continues to change, every day we are a step closer to the time when we can.

Savour the anticipation of the world’s infinite possibilities and start planning a journey of a lifetime with the Blue Sky Futures voucher, which is packed with the things you care about the most.

But that’s not all: by buying a Blue Sky Futures voucher now, you also help to provide a level of certainty for the travel industry and its partners. Solidarity matters a lot during such challenging times.

It’s the perfect excuse for you to start planning your next adventure, but it would make an ideal gift  – and who wouldn’t want to receive one of these?


Unlock benefits now, for your travel tomorrow.