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An Emergence of Self 

An Emergence of Self


Lodging and Retreat Space

The retreat will take place at a restored 100-year old black and white house located within Labrador’s lush nature reserve – Villa Samadhi. At every corner of this quiet enclave, you’ll find safe and nurturing spaces conducive for you to take the journey within. At the end of each day, recuperate within the comforts of your room located in this hidden sanctuary.


Guest chefs on site will serve up a curation of nourishing recipes, using fresh, quality ingredients laden with nature’s goodness and sourced sustainably where possible, in tandem with the seasons.


Our retreat opens from 3pm on Sunday, 24 January 2021, and ends at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 26 January 2021.



Embodied Mindful Movement specialises in the foundational, mindful understanding of body mechanics so that one can find the rhythm in all movements – deepening body awareness, connecting to feeling and developing an intelligent self practice of conscious movement, leading one perfectly into stillness. The retreat sessions will be held against the immersive beats of live hand instruments and specially curated music, varying around themes of Release, Alignment, Trust, Inviting in and Inspiration.

Active Meditations are structured meditation methods that consciously bring the practitioner from the periphery to the centre of the storm – to that place of witnessing, where one can reside in awareness while all continues to exist around them. In this retreat, we will explore movement, sound and chakra meditations, in which we will actively cultivate body awareness as a means to enter the present moment.

Elemental Yin Yoga uses gentle, physical postures, gestures, visualisations and affirmations to bring harmony to the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space) within the body/mind constitution by strengthening, stretching and supporting the correlating elemental meridians. In this practice, we will explore the receptive polarity of the five elements through a passive, gentle and meditative yoga practice.

Fire Ceremony, practised widely across the globe as one of the core rituals in many medicine traditions, fire ceremonies are used to release unwanted energies and past attachments to make space for new intentions. Our morning session begins by welcoming a new day with an open heart, using an energetic meridian practice to invigorate the body and connect with receptivity, before settling in to the call of the day — music, gong and birdsong – followed by an invitation to let go of that which you may no longer align with, in a purifying ceremonial fire.

Cacao and Sound Healing, holistic practices of cacao and sound balance the physical and subtle energies of the being. Cacao is a heart-opening beverage traditionally taken in communal gathering. Allow yourself to be gently guided with intention and reflection to reconnect to the divine within. The ceremony closes with soothing vibrations of the gong, allowing the mind to rest, and the physical body lulled into a state of deep relaxation.

A Day of Silence, for one day of the retreat, we will practice ‘mouna’, the art of maintaining silence. When we participate in somatic (body) experiences, particularly while holding a space of silence, often insights, reflections and memories will surface — all a part of our unfolding. Journaling and self-reflection sessions will allow you to sit with them and allow the process to unfold gently in your hands, knowing that these moments of taking pause are instrumental in connecting to your Self.


Our Facilitators

Amber Sawyer brings her unique perspective on empowerment and self-discovery through more than 20 years of study and experience in scientific and ancient wisdoms. She creates heart-centered integrative embodiment practices, intuitive offerings and holistic approaches that are designed to guide individuals to live with vibrancy, authenticity and totality.

Daniel *Sonic* Rojas is a professional dancer of more than 25 years and the creator of Embodied Dance Movement (EDM), a mindful and holistic, movement methodology. With the aim of connecting to feeling, deepening body awareness and developing an intelligent self-practice of conscious movement as a foundation, movers will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their human form, emotions and energy.

Serene Satya Charan is a multidisciplinary practitioner of healing arts of various modalities— sound, meditation, yoga, astrology, and metaphysics. She has been sharing her practice professionally in the spiritual wellness industry across Asia and Australia. She aspires to live in dedication to divine service by helping others on the path of liberation, breaking free of limiting narratives through the practice of meditation, and empowering the collective through awareness, knowledge and self-mastery.

Who this is for 

The retreat is being hosted in a secluded location away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which will serve as the perfect container for you to experience inner healing and transformation.  

This retreat is for:  

  • Anyone interested in transformative wellness practices  
  • Anyone looking to devote time for self-care 
  • Anyone looking to release stress  
  • Anyone looking to improve their sense of self


What to bring or prepare 

You will be given your own mat (as supplied by Lululemon), pillow and blanket for use during the retreat, so all you will need to bring with you are basic essentials and more importantly, comfortable clothing which will allow you to move freely.