Auset Egyptian Temple Healing 

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing 

S$285/ 1 person / 60 minutes

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing channels the miraculous healing prowess of Egyptian divinities. It lends insight and brings remarkable relief to present-life challenges. The high vibrational divine energy works through deeply embedded energetic imprints, often from past lives, to release, recalibrate and realign for profound healing. This in turn creates greater harmony in all areas of your life. You remain clothed throughout the process while the practitioner’s hands are guided to go where they need to go.


Who this is for 

– Anyone feeling lost, unfulfilled, searching for their soul purpose


What to bring or prepare 

– Yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water

– Come with an open mind as sessions are of non-religious in nature  

– Please remember to drink plenty of water pre and post-session to help the body detoxify