The Art of Savouring


Date: Mon, 11 May 2020

Time: 6.30PM (SGT) / 45 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Session details

Change your spoons. Change the way you chew. Change the way you regard food as nourishment. In this session, learn to observe mindfulness during mealtime to better savour your food and the moments between the present.

Savouring is the process of prolonging joyful or positive experiences, with the goal of increasing happiness and enjoyment of the current moment. We naturally do this when we are enjoying a good meal, in conversation with our loved ones or travelling somewhere for the first time. In this session, you will get to experience the 3 stages of savouring, and how it can add significant value to your life.


Who this is for

– People who are looking for an experiential way to increase personal well-being.

– People looking to slow down and be mindful especially during these busy and chaotic times.


What to bring or prepare

Come with a piece of fruit: a banana, strawberries or an orange.

As this is an interactive workshop, come with your video switched on and ready to engage!


About Sha-En

Sha-En is passionate about making the world a happier place. As Founder of Happiness Scientists, she has trained more than 10,000 people in schools and organizations, equipping them with the science and tools to be happier. Sha-En has been featured on national TV documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’, MyPaper, Business Times; and spoken on 938LIVE & MONEY 89.3FM. Sha-En’s first book, The Road to Success Vol. 2, reached the #1 Best-Seller Status in September 2016. In August 2019, she did her TEDx speech on Happiness.

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