Anka yacht is a 75 ft Bondway yacht expanding over 3 decks with an open concept living room for hosting and entertainment, a fully equipped kitchen fitted for cuisine preparation and a meeting room for a stylish conference at sea. It aims to bring nature closer to your hearts in comfort and style. For the sun and party lovers, a jacuzzi alongside a sophisticated barbecue grill on the flybridge and the luxury of appreciating the panoramic sea view at the bow is definitely a sight to behold.


Offer details

– Save up to 50% on your booking for any 4 hours sailing period Monday through Sunday

– Complimentary Kayaks (x2)

– Complimentary karaoke services

– Complimentary floats

Available Add Ons:

Add-ons for BBQ pit rental with service

Add-ons for Banana Boat and or Tube with Jet Ski rental


Offer is valid for Phase 2.


Terms and conditions

– Guest Capacity: 5 pax

– 1x service staff/chef allowed onboard

– Additional service staff will incur headcount charge

– Surcharge for PH and PH eve: 20% on top of weekend rate

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